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About Us

Our practice is here for only one reason, and that's you.  We believe that the cancer treatment method offered here has the potential to be of significant benefit to many patients and we believe that strongly enough to undertake the huge time and financial investment to offer this opportunity to appropriately selected individuals facing tough cancer choices.

It's for the same reason that everything about our offices and our practice has been geared toward letting you feel as relaxed as possible when you're here.  We know that our patients wouldn't be seeing us if they weren't facing some difficult times, so at least we can offer peaceful surroundings that look more like your living room than a typical stainless-steel clinic.

You'll also know you're welcome here when you meet our staff.  Dr. Cantrell will tell you that he has carefully selected the best people anywhere to make sure you're made comfortable and treated with dignity every step of the way.  We think you'll agree.  We know there are some days when you'll look forward to sharing a story or something funny with us, and other days when a caring and quiet smile may be the best medicine.

We look foward to having you here and we hope it may be the start of a friendship lasting many a year.

About our Medical Director

Dr. Stephen Cantrell founded NeoPlas Innovation and serves as our Medical Director.  Dr. Cantrell is a native of Huntsville, Alabama (with long stops in New Zealand, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Australia, and the foreign land known as New Jersey) and a craniofacial and maxillofacial surgeon with the following educational background:

Madison Academy, Huntsville AL
      Honor graduate, 1981, National Honor Society, student government president
David Lipscomb University, Nashville TN
      Bachelor of science, 1984 (one year CLEP credit), summa cum laude, National Merit Scholar
Emory University School of Dentistry, Atlanta GA
      Doctor of Dental Surgery, 1988, Robert W. Woodruff Fellow (full academic scholarship)
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville TN
      Doctor of Medicine, 1991 (one year advanced standing)
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville TN
      Residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, 1988 - 1993 (with one year general surgery)
Australian Craniofacial Unit and Royal Adelaide Hospital Plastic Surgery Division, Adelaide, South Australia
      Fellowship in craniofacial and cleft surgery, 1993 - 1994

Upon completing his education in 1994, Dr. Cantrell accepted a faculty position at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey where he was the founding director of the University Craniofacial Center of New Jersey and oversaw the multidisciplinary care for the university's craniofacial and cleft lip & palate patients.

Seeing unusually impressive responses to this cancer treatment and realizing that a busy surgical career would never allow time to develop it in any meaningful way, Dr. Cantrell made the decision to change tracks and returned to Nashville in 2001 to devote full time to developing and offering this treatment.  That decision has been devastating to his personal finances so far but has brought amazing developments in cancer treatment success for many people which just keep getting better.  While deeply devoted to furthering this work, he will tell you that his highest priorities of all are faith, family, and friends.  Among his hobbies are motorcycling, fitness, drums, guitar, reading, photography, audio-visual production, and amateur radio.  Community and church volunteer work is a major priority along with plenty of time spent thinking up stuff (new refinements to precision cancer therapy on a continual basis, and other vitally important stuff like pistonless engine designs, orbital reconstruction plates and instruments, homemade transmitting antennas, modified computer hardware and software, custom geothermal systems, ways to justify candy consumption, how to fix health care without ruining it instead, etc) and pondering the mechanisms of how things around us work and how they were designed to such perfection.  This is the kid who never would quit asking why.
What's our story?

NeoPlas Innovation is a clinical cancer treatment and medical consulting practice in Franklin (Nashville), Tennessee which is now accepting appropriately selected patients for planning and treatment which may include a new outpatient combination immunotherapy treatment.  Our preclinical efforts began in 1997 because of our Medical Director's own urgent need for an effective treatment for stage IV melanoma.  The precise details of our unique combination therapy were devised in 2000.  After Dr. Cantrell achieved a complete response with his own malignancy, several other patients with pancreatic cancer and melanoma began treatment the same year.  With very encouraging early results in these aggressive malignancies and others, the technique is now being offered for the first time to appropriate patients from the public at large.  For those interested in arcane legal details, the practice is authorized to use a treatment technique which was developed and patented by Dr. Cantrell as a private individual.
Our name is a play on words from a medical term.  NeoPlas (pronounced "NEE-oh-plaz") comes from neoplasm, the Latin-based medical term for a tumor or cancer.  So the name suggests what we do:  an innovative new treatment technique for cancer.  We hope that this will prove beneficial to enough people that it will eventually complete formal clinical trials and be available everywhere.  At the present time it's not available anywhere else.

NeoPlas Innovation  --  oncology answers you can live with.